Social Security Numbers

Often, the key to acquiring desired information concerning an individual lies with their social security number.  If you have the social security number doors open.  If you don't, well……. So, how do you get the social security number?

One of the more common methods of acquiring an individual's social security number is through their driving license records or vehicle registration.  In many states the social security number appears in the file, on the application, or on the actual license.

In such states you can write the state motor vehicle department and request a copy of the file. (For a form letter to use and the address for each state see the report at the end of this document.).

VERY IMPORT CAVEAT: Under the Drivers Protection Act, which took effect last year there are limitations on who can access these records.  But there are also many exceptions.  If the person owes you money (i.e. you are a creditor) or they were involved in an accident with you, you are verifying an employment application, or collecting a judgment, you may be entitled to access the records.  Although false statements often go unchallenged they are still illegal.  For more information about these rules and exceptions go to:

What can a Social Security Number Tell You?

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Social Security Online

Social Security Administration Employer Homepage:

Social Security Death Index: Social Security Death Index online determines if the one you are looking for is no longer with us.

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