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Conducting a People Search

Locate Lost Friends and Loved Ones with a People Search
Conducting a people search can help you determine where your long-lost classmate, friend or loved one may be living, or just learn more about an acquaintance’s past. This type of search accesses public records that are created and maintained by public and private offices and databases so you can find addresses, phone numbers, relatives, ages and dates of birth, email addresses and maiden names of anyone of interest to you.

Research and Confirm Their Past
Perhaps you’re trying to learn more about a new person in your life, or want to know if they are being honest about their identity. Now you can instantly and easily search for people records that can confirm the story they’re telling you. You may find that they were born in a different year than they claim and are simply lying about their age, or have multiple addresses and aliases that indicate they may be leading a double life!

Where Are People Search Records Found?
When you conduct your people search, public databases will return information such as current address, phone number and email, photos and links to social network profiles. Phone numbers and addresses are obtained via reverse white pages directory searches. Email addresses are frequently available via online directories that may be used for professional networking purposes or social connections. Much of this information that someone has provided to a website or other online entity is deemed publicly available and viewable by anyone.

Other sources of information that provide results during a people search can include voter registration records, property ownership records and even criminal records. Many people often voluntarily register their contact information with one or more public agencies, and this is especially true of business owners.
All of these forms of contact will provide you with multiple options to find them after conducting your people search. If you find that a phone number registered in their name is no longer active, you can perhaps try writing an email or physical letter to an address you find. Sometimes, phone numbers remain private to avoid unwanted phone calls, but mailing a letter can provide a more direct form of contact.

Additional Information Available During a People Search
Additional details about the person you’re researching may surface in the records returned for your people search. You may find records of name changes; IP addresses where emails are registered; phone carrier and provider information for phone numbers; and even the gender of the person and time zone where their phone number is registered. This can help you determine when the best time may be to call unexpectedly, or further help you decide which address is likely the correct one if multiple results are provided.

A people search is ideal if you need to contact a distant family member or a friend, classmate or coworker whom you have lost touch with. Fortunately, personal information is obtained from anyone registering a new phone number or email address, launching a new social networking profile or even buying or renting property, allowing you to easily learn the best way to contact them at your leisure.

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